Mary Z. Cox, Good Morning Banjo, 2017 (Engineering, mixing, fiddle, guitar, bass)

Hogtown Squealers, Squealerized for Your Protection, 2016 (Engineering, mixing)

Bob & Amy Buckingham, Chickens in Paradise, 2016 (Engineering, mixing)

Pretty Little Goat String Band, (self-titled album), 2016 (Engineering, mixing)

Battle Axe Band, Because We Are, 2015 (Engineering, mixing)

Unspoken Tradition, Miles Between, 2015 (Fiddle, harmony vocals)

Mary Z. Cox, Blue Sky Banjo, 2015 (Fiddle, engineering of fiddle tunes)

Tsum: Tibetan Buddhist Chants For the Happiness of All Beings, 2014 (Mixing, mastering)

Blue Ridge Bakery Boys, Lightly Toasted, 2014 (Mastering)

Degaje, 2014, recorded live in Haiti (Engineering, mixing)

Unspoken Tradition, Simple Little Town, 2013 (Co-producer, engineering, fiddle)

Mary Gordon & Hilary Dirlam, All-In-One Vol. 2, 2013 (Engineering, mixing, guitar)

Paul’s Creek, Friends, 2013 (Fiddle)

Blue Ridge Bakery Boys, Half-Baked, 2012 (Mastering)

Ty Gilpin, Crooked Hollows, 2012 (Co-producer, engineering, fiddle)

Tim Gardner, Timmetry, 2011 (Producer, engineering, mixing, various instruments)

Roadapple Ramblers, More Tunes Per Hour, 2011 (Engineering, mixing)

Hilary Dirlam, Banjo Without Tears book/CD, 2011 (Engineering, mixing)

Mary Gordon & Hilary Dirlam, All-In-One Jam book/CD, 2010 (Engineering, mixing, guitar)

Pauls Creek, (self-titled album), 2010 (Fiddle)

Bobby Miller & the Virginia Dare Devils, Brother Adieu, 2010 (Fiddle)

Woody Pines, Counting Alligators, 2009 (Engineering, mixing)

Allison Williams, Give Me the Roses, 2008 (Fiddle)

High Windy, A Greater Storm, 2008 (Fiddle, clawhammer banjo, vocals)

Celestial Jam, Tuesday Night Favorites, 2008 (Engineering, mixing, bass)

Lyndsay Wojcik, Local Honey, 2008 (Fiddle)

Nikki Talley, To Be a Bird, 2008 (Fiddle)

High Windy, Goin Across the Mountain Live Vol. 2, 2007 (Fiddle)

Celestial Railroad String Band (self-titled album), 1994 (Fiddle)

Plus engineering and/or session work on demo recordings by artists such as Dehlia Low, Darren Nicholson, Carter & Co., Copper Kettle, Silver Dagger, Ethos, Barrett Davis, Regina Davis, and Cindy Carpenter.


Facing Up, 2012 – boom op, post-production sound mixing